BH365 Bundle: Textbook  + Album (Choose Your Edition)
BH365 Bundle: Textbook  + Album (Choose Your Edition)
BH365 Bundle: Textbook  + Album (Choose Your Edition)

BH365 Bundle: Textbook + Album (Choose Your Edition)

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*Must choose which edition you need. Edition descriptions towards bottom*

Black History 365 is a U. S. History textbook and ebook/app documenting the unique stories of Black persons, groups, and cultures in North America, beginning in Ancient Africa continuing to modern events and movements.

This interactive history/social science textbook can be used independently or as supplemental text and includes interactive instructor resources that will engage all learners. The gateway to connecting history to daily life, this transcendent approach to American history allows students of all ethnicities to engage in meaningful conversations with teachers, peers, and their families...through the lens of Black History. 

Full of rarely told history lessons, the BH365 curriculum has exclusive access to more than 3,000 original artifacts that take students and educators on a colorful journey to embracing an inclusive account of American history.


Purchase the textbook and get a copy of the the BH365 Album (which has 42 songs dedicated to each chapter of the book).


The difference between The National Edition (also called "50 Stars") and the Texas Edition is ONLY IN UNIT 9. The option for Canadian Residents is the National Edition textbook and included shipping costs to Canada.

Unit 9 in The National Edition covers Black History in the 50 states.  Unit 9 in the Texas Edition covers Black History in Texas only.